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Science and Technology:


From past few years, science and technology both are serving for the comfort of people. Both of them are providing major accessories of life in a true manner, so no doubt men become totally dependent on technology. Science made the human life effortless and painless. The journey of science and technology started when people begin to think and only education teaches the process of thinking.




Science of Observation:


Science and observation both are interlinked with each other. The first training and study of the individual start in school. By going school individual perceive their surroundings with different god gifted things and then the process of thinking is taking place. It is natural that material things attract a lot.


Process of Experiments:


After knowing about different elements of the world men by engaging all ideas to want to understand his inspiration. Education helps the individual to understand the world. In addition, by doing experiments technology take place.


Major Role of Education:


We all are well informed that we are living in the age of modern science and technology. The advancement is only just because of possible with the help of educational institutes. Nowadays there are many online education sites in India and all over the world related to technology and science. Back in the years when educational reforms were, not present men had no knowledge of the technologies. Even though when first television was launched men have no information to use the remote control. It was difficult to understand the function of remote control.





Science Technology and its Productivity:


Education teaches about choosing appropriate science of technology and with the help of education which is the key to growth high productivity can be increased. Most of the countries for grown their ability innovate technologies at a large number. In innovation of science and technology, every person can involve either its poor, rich, big and small. The upswing of modern technology totally depends on new innovations in science.